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My wife is 9 years older than I, and was a stay at home mom. So she never had 40 quarters for her to draw medicare from social security. I am retired military. When my wife turned 65 (I was 56) , I had to sign her up for medicare. Since she didnt have the 40 quarters, I had to pay for it out of pocket.

I went to my military retiree pay center about it and they told me the military would provide her with Part A until I turn 62. I have to pay for Part B until I turn 62. At 62 I will be eligible for social Security and at that time my Social Security will pay for her Part A and Part B.

It looks like Part A plus Part B = roughly 600. Will social Security be deducting 600 from my social security benifits to cover her? When I turn 65 will they then deduct another 600 to cover me? If they take 1200 out of my social security check, it looks like I wont have anything left over.

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When you turn 62 and become eligible for SS, she will qualify for "free" Part A under your work record. This is true even if you do not start taking SS at 62. You need to notify the Social Security Administration a couple of months before you turn 62 that you want to do this. It is not automatic.

You will still need to pay her Part B premium, currently $144.60.

When you turn 65, you will also be eligible for "free" Part A under your work record. You will only pay the standard Part B premium of $144.60 assuming no drastic increases in income that make you subject to IRMAA. So, when you turn 65 you will be paying $289.20 ($144.60 x 2) plus any increase that occurs to the Part B premium between now and then.

My spouse has never worked and will turn 65 before I do. Can my spouse get Medicare at 65?

If you’ve worked at least 10 years in Medicare-covered employment but aren’t yet 62 when your spouse turns 65, he or she won’t be eligible for free Part A until your 62nd birthday.

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