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    Switched from G to N supplement but I am unsure about this move.

    Plan G just became Guarantee Issue in 2020 so it will take many years before enough enrollees use the GI provision for it to make an impact on premiums. Unhealthy people turning 65 tend to choose the most comprehensive supplement available, which used to be Plan F. This is why Plan F premiums...
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    Question about Cost-Sharing Ministries and Medicare Advantage

    The type of coverage a person has prior to Medicare, including having no health coverage at all, does not impact a person's ability to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan during their Initial Enrollment Period (IEP).
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    Medicare Plan "F" or ???

    There is no Medicare "part" F (only "Part" A, B, C and D) but "PLAN" F, along with the other plan letters, are supplement/gap policies.
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    IRMAA Appeal

    If I understand your post correctly, you paid IRMAA for the second half of 2020 because you submitted the appeal form but nothing changed. If you have not recently received a 2021 IRMAA notice, then your appeal request is being applied to 2021 Part B premiums and you should pay the standard Part...
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    Whopping Premium Bill due December 25th !!

    The Social Security Administration handles premium billing for Medicare. If you don't hear back from Medicare, enter your zip code on the website below to find the phone number to your local SSA office. They still answer the phone in a timely manner and resolve issues even though in-person...
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    Part A, Part B and Rx Wellcare? Is that adequate for now? Newbie trying to figure out plan for my mom.

    Part A will cover inpatient hospital facility charges after a $1484 deductible so she has adequate coverage there. Part B only covers 80% of professional services. This includes the doctors who would see her as an inpatient, any outpatient hospital services, outpatient cancer treatment, office...
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    Medicare Part D for catastrophc coverage

    There are 4 phases to Part D drug coverage. They are explained in the website below. You have to click on each phase to read about them. A person enters the final phase (Catastrophic coverage) once they have spent $6550 on 2021 drugs purchased through the Part D plan. From then until the end of...
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    Medicare Part D for catastrophc coverage

    Infusion drugs, including chemotherapy, given in an office/clinic setting are typically covered under Part B. Original Medicare covers 80% of the approved amount. Most Medicare supplements (Medigap) cover the remaining 20%. Part D generally covers self-administered drugs and some preventive...
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    Moving from F-HD to full F

    Medigap Plan HD-F has never paid the Part B deductible but it counts toward the $2340 (2020) plan deductible. If a person meets the $2340 with Part B cost sharing and is then admitted to the hospital, the HD-F pays the Part A deductible. The new Medigap plan HD-G works the same way.
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    Can I enroll in a part D Plan if

    Yes. A person can join a Part D drug plan if they only have Part A or only have Part B. You can enroll in a Part D plan during certain time periods, such as during Annual Open Enrollment or when you first qualify. CMS Guide to Choosing Prescription Drug Coverage...
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    Moving from F-HD to full F

    There is no annual open enrollment for Medigap plans. You can switch anytime as long as you can pass medical underwriting. In Florida, underwriting applies to any voluntary Medigap change, whether within the same company or across different companies. Open enrollment only applies to Medicare...
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    issue date pricing

    The plan G premium would be based on your current age, the age when the new policy is issued. Then, going forward the rate changes would be based on factors such as inflation, but not changes in your age. $65/mo is a good rate for a 71 y/o with issue-age F-HD. In most states, you would need to...
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    Medicare advantage PPO and their mullti state networks

    Advantage plans have started recognizing their short-falls with people who travel frequently or snowbird and have made gains in correcting those issues in the past couple of years. Some MA PPO plans now have national provider networks. You still have to change plans if you permanently move out...
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    Quotes Accuracy with Premiums

    I like Aetna ($1588), Humana ($1625) and the issue-age version of Physician's Mutual Plan G ($160.53/mo). The issue-age plan will have an annual rate change for inflation and the health status of the enrollment pool but not for age. The age increases are baked into the initial premium. So, the...
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    Quotes Accuracy with Premiums

    I agree this should be treated as the last time you may be able to change plans but no one ever finds the perfect Medigap plan. 1) You seem to be confusing carrier bankruptcy with carriers pulling out of a market area. Financial strength and loss ratios have nothing to do with carriers...

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