best Part D company


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can anyone suggest which company has the least amount of restrictions
I am currantly with Cigna and after one month of coverage and filling my meds they sent me 3 letters. Mostly saying the BP drug was too expensive and they want me to try a different one. Told me that my HRT was not good for my health and I had to find a better alternative.
Yes, I could get some help from my Doctors but that means me chasing down the office workers explaining my issues etc. I have to make a decision by tomorrow to renew or change.
My choices in NJ are AAARP United, Silver Scrips,. Express Scripts, Humana
walmart, and some others. I have read some not so nice review on Silver Scripts and Express only has 360 deductible with referrals for 3 of my meds.
Help Please


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Every part D plan has different formularies. What you need to do is plug in your prescriptions and look at which program is going to cost you the least amount of money. From there maybe take the top 3-4 to see what kind of quantity limits, prior authorizations, or step therapy is required to avoid this kind of problem

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