Reinstating Medicare


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My mom had medicare until recently because she failed to pay her premiums. She has the beginning stages of dementia and becomes very confused. We filled out the paperwork for "Good Cause" stating her illness and got a doctor plus witnesses to sign the form and my mom wrote a check for the premiums. We mailed everything to the social security office, but that was back at the beginning of August. I fear that we missed the window and my mom won't be receiving coverage until open enrollment next year. Am I correct in thinking this or should I contact Medicare and confirm that they have the paperwork and they are just slow in processing it?


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I'm sorry that you have to deal with this on top of your mother's condition. My grandmother had dementia and it's not easy. How long had it been since her part B coverage was terminated when you paid? If it was within 30 days, she may be able to get it reinstated immediately, otherwise she will have to wait until GEP and it wont start until July 1st.

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