Whopping Premium Bill due December 25th !!


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Has anyone experienced this? I just received my monthly MDEICARE PREMIUM bill. I have always paid using the direct bank EASY PAY method and I usually pay $320/month (IRMAA adjustment). This has been like this for the past 2 years, then suddenly this month a BILL for $1,236 and says it is for 01/01/2021 - 01/31/2021 !!!!! it is due 12/25/20 !!

It HAS to be in error. I called and chatted with a Medicare rep. (which actually was only a 10 minute wait, thankfully). He was unable to assist and said he'd "escalate" to someone who could help understand what happened. But I am not to expect a call back for 7 business days.

I'm just praying that I receive a follow-up letter from them with the correct amount of $320 with the usual EASY PAY processed. (Yes, the amount goes up in 2021 but about $5/mo for both B & D ... but not like THIS !!)



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The Social Security Administration handles premium billing for Medicare. If you don't hear back from Medicare, enter your zip code on the website below to find the phone number to your local SSA office. They still answer the phone in a timely manner and resolve issues even though in-person visits are not currently allowed. Don't call the 800-772-1213 national SSA number, you'll be on hold forever. Good luck.



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Thanks for that info ... I'll wait to see if they actually call me back in the next week or so. If not, I'll follow your advice. Much appreciated. This is crazy.

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